7 Tips For Maximizing Your Linkability

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Links rule the search engine world. Sure, these days there are more factors than ever before that go into how sites are ranked but making sure that sites are linking to yours is still the foundation of good SEO. This requires linkability, or the quality that encourages others to link to your site. So how do you increase linkability and make sure that you are getting the most links that you can? Here are some steps you can take to taking your site’s linkability to the next level.

Get social. You should make it as easy as possible for users to share your site material over social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t have buttons on your pages for this purpose then you may be missing out on potential for viral sharing.

Go mobile. These days web traffic doesn’t just come from desktop and laptop computers, people are searching via smartphones and tablets. If you don’t have a mobile version of your site that fits the needs of this demographic then you are missing out on an important and growing demographic.

One tool that you should be using is Google Alerts. It will let you know whenever the keywords you choose register on Google’s radar. This makes it incredibly easy to stay up to date within the area your site covers. The more up to date your site is the more people will trust it and turn to you for the latest information.

On the topic of up to date information you should constantly update your main authority pages. Most of your traffic will probably visit certain pages, and if you want to make sure that these pages stay popular you should update them. This makes them look better to both visitors and Google, which takes freshness into account when determining rank.

Learn from the competition. If you aren’t using every tool that your competitors are using then you risk falling behind. Check their link profiles to see where their links are coming from and see if you can tap into the same potential.

Put yourself on the map. More searchers are turning to tools like Google Maps when searching, especially for physical businesses like stores and restaurants. If your business isn’t on this site, with your URL included, then your customer outreach isn’t where it needs to be.

Google Authorship is a new tool tied into Google+ which allows writers to attach their names to their articles in a way that Google can easily recognize and utilize. If you do a Google search and see a page with the author’s picture beside it on the SERP then they have signed up for this program. This is great for building authority and drawing attention, since our eyes are naturally drawn to images.

As you can see there are a lot of things you can do if you want to work on linkability. Every day new tools come into use and its your job to keep up. Still, one thing stays the same. In the end quality matters, and all the tricks in the world can’t make up for useless content. Success is found when these tools are used to promote sites of SEO reseller that people want to find.